Reporting and Evaluation


How? When? Where? How often? Reporting is a core responsibility of VISTA Supervisors. Find detailed instructions, templates, calendars, guides, and even an app to help you manage your VISTA reporting tasks.

Performance Measurement Core Curriculum

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Understand the CNCS performance measures. This page on the CNCS Knowledge Network includes online courses and supporting material covering key concepts such as performance measurement basics, theory of change, evidence, quality performance measures, and data collection and instruments.

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Reporting and eGrants

Sponsor Verification Dates

Use this list of VISTA pay periods and corresponding sponsor verification due dates to help you keep track of when to submit information that triggers VISTAs getting their living allowance.
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AmeriCorps VISTA Progress Report Instructions


The Corporation for National and Community Service provides the Project Progress Report (PPR) instructions to AmeriCorps VISTA sponsoring organizations upon project approval. Sponsors are required to follow these instructions to complete and submit a completed PPR to CNCS.

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Completing Sponsor Verification Online

Use this step-by-step guide on how to complete sponsor verification (tracking the days VISTAs are serving at your site) to ensure timely and correct payment of your VISTAs' living allowance.
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Reporting Tools

Reporting Task List

Organize and track due dates for VISTA project progress reports (PPR), report supplements (VPRS), sponsor-verification forms, and member milestones.
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Sample Timesheet Template


Adapt this sample timesheet to track the hours your members are serving.

Disclaimer: VISTA is not a 9-5 job, not a 40 hour a week position, but that time keeping is a valuable management practice (tool) to ensure there’s equity or parity between the VISTA’s efforts and the staff, as well as tracking time off.

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