Working with Sub-sites


Does your project place VISTA members at multiple sites? The resources in this section are curated specifically for intermediary supervisors responsible for training and supporting sub-site supervisors throughout the VISTA project lifecycle. Download and customize slide sets, templates, tools, and agendas for use in one-to-one or group training sessions to build strong working relationships with your sub-sites.

Your sub-site supervisors will also be key partners in reporting and evaluation of your project. Reporting is tied to CNCS performance measures. For more information on performance measures, please see the AmeriCorps VISTA Performance Measures Module and the Performance Measurement Core Curriculum

Training Sub-site Supervisors Syllabus

Use this syllabus as a guide to plan training and support for sub-site supervisors.
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Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Sample

Formalize partnerships for your VISTA project using this template to outline working agreements, roles, and operating principles.
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New Site Orientation Agenda Sample

Use this sample agenda to orient new sub-site supervisors and other staff to AmeriCorps VISTA and the unique aspects of your VISTA project.
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Supervisor Orientation Workbook

Download the workbook distributed at Supervisors Orientation. Use this resource to aid you in orienting and training your sub-site supervisors.
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VISTA Cafe: Food for Thought Activity

Use this script to structure a discussion about generational and geographical information related to recruitment of VISTA members and leaders.
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Capacity Building Game


Play this game with your group to develop a shared understanding of capacity building and the shapes it takes.

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Sub-site Supervisor Orientation

This webinar will focus on the critical responsibilities and tasks expected of you and will help you discover a framework for understanding your overlapping roles as a supervisor. This webinar is tailored for sub-site supervisors who did not attend Supervisors Orientation.
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Supervisor Tasks

Customize this task list to make sure you and/or your sub-site supervisors have the background needed to manage VISTA members.
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Supervisors Orientation Visual Aids

Train sub-site supervisors with visual aids from the Supervisors Orientation. Topics include supervisor roles, capacity building, VISTA Assignment Description (VAD), Coaching, Recruiting, Orientation, and more.Train sub-site supervisors using the visual aids from the Supervisors Orientation.
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VISTA Legacy Video

Learn about the programs under the national service umbrella from this short video.
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