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    The PSO Blend is an approach to VISTA Pre-Service Orientation that employs distance learning and fieldwork to introduce VISTA member to the terms, conditions and benefits of service and key programming principles at the start of their service. The resources below allow VISTA supervisors to adjust their On-Site Orientation and Training to fit the PSO Blend schedule and to support their VISTA members as they participate in the PSO Blend.
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  • Member Handbook
    Use this as a reference resource on a wide array of topics related to your VISTA experience.
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    Looking for resources to provide ongoing training for VISTA members? Need templates and documents to onboard and support new sub-site supervisors? Wish there was a way to easily “recommend” online resources to members and supervisors? Join us to explore training and development resources for VISTA members and sub-site supervisors available through the new VISTA Campus.
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    Understand the CNCS performance measures. This page on the CNCS Knowledge Network includes online courses and supporting material covering key concepts such as performance measurement basics, theory of change, evidence, quality performance measures, and data collection and instruments.

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    Use this syllabus as a guide to plan training and support for sub-site supervisors.
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    A set of tools for supervisors to identify cultural and community norms to plan successful community entry for VISTA members.
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    Use this document to help VISTA members plan for their transitions out of your program.
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    Use this guidebook to plan and deliver an effective and inspiring OSOT for your new VISTA members. It offers a planning timeline, sample agendas, tips for making your orientation interactive and fun, and suggestions for evaluating your OSOT in a meaningful way.
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    Complete this form prior to or during your review sessions with your VISTA members to provide them with effective feedback and guidance.
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