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    Access a wide collection of informational and learning resources related to national and community service.
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    Make your education award go farther by accessing this list of schools that offer a variety of incentives such as scholarships or matching funds.
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  • Explore this site to learn more about the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award, form a strategy on how to use it, and discover other post-service opportunities related to school and student loans.
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    Stay connected to AmeriCorps after your VISTA term. This alumni page not only helps to stay connected but provides infomation on education opportunities and your post-service award, as well as advice on using your service experience in your next steps.
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  • Webinar
    Explore the various ways that you can use your Segal AmeriCorps Education Award after you have completed your VISTA service. View a recording of this presentation or download a pdf of the slides. Original webinar took place in 2013.
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    Use this step-by-step guide to create a MyAmeriCorps account. This account houses several important pieces related to your VISTA service.
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