• Webinar
    eGrants is the go-to system for member management. Mastering eGrants can mean the difference between smooth sailing and rough seas ahead. Preview the system and learn the ropes from experienced state office staff members who provide eGrants coaching on a regular basis.
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    Join us for this interactive session focused on how you can make the most of your time living on the living allowance.
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    As an AmeriCorps VISTA Member or Leader, you receive a living allowance. The Corporation determines the living allowance rate, which varies according to the local cost of living in the area where you serve.  This document provides details on the living allowance rate depending on the State and County where you serve.


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  • Webinar
    The Eli Segal Education Award is one of the most significant benefits for many VISTAs. To make the most of this award, it’s important to know all the ways it can be used and understand the limitations.
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    This webinar explores behavioral economics and the emerging science of decision-making. We will explore why people struggle with complex decisions, how poverty exacerbates the decision-making struggles we all experience, and how concrete, often-low cost strategies can help people make more informed decisions.
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  • Webinar
    A year goes by fast, and when it comes time for your VISTAs to end service, do you know what the next steps are? Join us to learn more about how you and your VISTA can ensure a successful transition after your VISTA leaves, how to help prepare members for the next steps in their professional or educational careers, and what the important administrative requirements are associated with VISTAs ending service.
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  • Webinar
    For members preparing to exit service, these unprecedented times present unique challenges when planning next steps. This webinar will offer participants strategies for translating their VISTA experience to the post-service job search, even in a changing economy. We’ll share tips for how to describe VISTA service to a potential employer, provide examples of how to translate service tasks into marketable skills on your resume, and consider tools for job searching at a distance.
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    Resources mentioned in this webinar

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  • Webinar
    Designed for VISTAs who have recently completed Pre-Service Orientation, this webinar will help you develop a plan for learning what you need to know to succeed in your VISTA service, introduce you to the tools you have on hand as a VISTA, and show you where to find learning opportunities here on the VISTA Campus and beyond.
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    Use this checklist to ensure you are meeting all the basic requirements for effective supervision of VISTA members.
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