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    Apply these principles to help organize and present your message and make the most out of your speaking opportunities.
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    Review this excerpt from the VISTA Leaders Training Workbook about what makes an effective communicator and how that applies to to being a good leader. You'll also learn the barriers to effective communication and what to avoid when in your contact with others.
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    Use these resources to discover what specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes you will need to succeed as an ambassador and represent the values and missions of CNCS and your sponsoring organization.
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    Apply these resources to create the base needed to develop, implement and evaluate a recruitment plan that ensures the health of your service site.
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    Use these resources to learn more about the knowledge, skills, and attitudes a leader needs in order to foster a high-functioning relationship with team members.
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    Apply these resources to your role as a facilitator and educator. Helping VISTA members’ learn and develop over the course of their service year is a key feature of the leader role.
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    Explore these resources to help you excel in your role as a liasion by improving your communication and conflict resolution skills.
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    Apply these facilitative training resources to help your VISTAs grow into leadership roles.
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    Take this tutorial to discover why others have joined VISTA and how you and your community can benefit from your commitment to service.