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    Utilize your board to identify and cultivate potential donors. This course will teach you six important strategies to empower your volunteer leadership to raise funds for your program.
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    Explore topics in volunteer management, including recruitment and placement, orientation, retention, and recognition. This tutorial provides a foundation for your volunteer mobilization efforts.

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    Get new ideas for how to celebrate your VISTA members and leaders including personal and public recognition, awards and gifts, personal growth opportunities, and events.
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    Use this tip sheet to apply effective interview techniques, such as asking open-ended questions to uncover volunteer motivations, when screening and placing volunteers at your site.
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    Build a program that utilizes and supports student volunteer leaders. This tutorial offers best practices and and resources for recruiting, actuating, and retaining college students.

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    Read and adapt a sample offer letter for candidates you select to serve with your organization.
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    Learn to plan events that focus on fundraising, building awareness, cultivating volunteers, and building trust in the community with this tutorial.
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