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    Use this sample table of contents to guide members in the development of an exit binder that organizes and captures the major accomplishments of their VISTA year, including partnerships built, products created, and important contacts.
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    Lead your group in this activity to develop a shared understanding of capacity building and the shapes it takes.
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  • Learn about VISTA and make the decision on whether to pursue a VISTA project with this tutorial.
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    Train sub-site supervisors with visual aids from the Supervisors Orientation. Topics include supervisor roles, capacity building, VISTA Assignment Description (VAD), Coaching, Recruiting, Orientation, and more.Train sub-site supervisors using the visual aids from the Supervisors Orientation.
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    Watch this video featuring CNCS state directors talk about successful VISTA projects and the impact they have made in communities nationwide.
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    Listen to two VISTA supervisors explain the difference between direct service and capacity building. Making the distinction helps potential VISTAs decide if they are comfortable with capacity building.
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    Familiarize yourself with the key elements of capacity building. Through real-life scenarios and examples, learn what tools work and how to maximize impact during your service.
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    Take this tutorial to learn how VISTA defines "capacity building" to ensure that you are carrying out your assignment effectively.
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    Overcome confusion between the terms "capacity building" and "direct service." Complete this short tutorial to help bring clarity to you and your team.