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    What is asset mapping, and how can it assist you in making the most out of your community's resources? This course provides the fundamentals of following a step-by-step process for creating a successful asset map for your organization's community.
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    Learn how to assess your organization's readiness to engage in community partnerships, identify and evaluate potential partners, and develop relationships with this tutorial.
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    Review concepts related to communicating with diverse volunteers in this tutorial.
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    Explore topics in volunteer management, including recruitment and placement, orientation, retention, and recognition. This tutorial provides a foundation for your volunteer mobilization efforts.

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    Discover how to assess your volunteer leadership needs, develop a framework for the project leaders, prepare your leaders, and recognize their efforts through this tutorial.
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    Use this framework to learn how to represent yourself to bring positive change in your community through the concepts such as honesty, connection, and resistance.
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    Learn how to translate the experience you've gained during VISTA service into language that can help you get a job. This document provides background and a training exercise.
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    Review this sample day-by-day agenda to see the topics and elements to be included in orientations held during the first three weeks of a VISTA's service.
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    Facilitate dialogues about poverty by introducing definitions, discussing factors influencing the distribution of wealth, and brainstorming solutions that can create greater social equity.
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    Learn about five strategic factors that have tremendous impact on the well-being of individuals, families and communities. In this paper, read about how the the 5C's (community, connections, control, cash, and collective action) work together to create successful community development campaigns.
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