• Document
    Learn about the fingerprinting requirement for VISTA members so you can support them in the submission process.
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  • Webinar
    eGrants is the go-to system for member management. Mastering eGrants can mean the difference between smooth sailing and rough seas ahead. Preview the system and learn the ropes from experienced state office staff members who provide eGrants coaching on a regular basis.
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  • Video
    Learn about the history of how we determine who lives in poverty in the United States, and the significant impact this has on policy, programs, and people.
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  • Document
    Review this study on the sustainability of VISTA's anti-poverty efforts, the characteristics of successful VISTA members, the reasons why some project efforts are not sustainable, and factors that predict VISTA project success.
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  • Webpage link
    Access logos for use on service gear. Guidelines for use are also provided.
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  • Book document
    Learn how to assess your organization's readiness to engage in community partnerships, identify and evaluate potential partners, and develop relationships with this tutorial.
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    Review concepts related to communicating with diverse volunteers in this tutorial.
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    Read a review of author William Bridges' book, Transitions: Making Sense of Life's Changes, to influence your approach to VISTA members' close of service, as well as your coaching work.
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  • Document
    Use this template and sample to create a short message to hook potential supporters.
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    Gain an introduction to the concept of strategic planning, understand what is is and isn't, and find resources for additional learning.
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