• Member Handbook
    Use this as a reference resource on a wide array of topics related to your VISTA experience.
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    Add to your knowledge of poverty in the U.S. by following the links on this list to academic centers focused on the study of poverty and its effects.

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  • Video
    Learn about the history of how we determine who lives in poverty in the United States, and the significant impact this has on policy, programs, and people.
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  • Document
    Review this study on the sustainability of VISTA's anti-poverty efforts, the characteristics of successful VISTA members, the reasons why some project efforts are not sustainable, and factors that predict VISTA project success.
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    View these tips for VISTA recruitment in rural areas and remote communities
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    Read this excerpt from the Supervisor Orientation workbook to learn about the VISTA leader program and see if a leader might be a good addition to your project.
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    Consider making the jump from VISTA to Peace Corps with the information presented in these slides.
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    Gain insight on the benefits of coaching the members on your team. Read these thought-provoking quotes to get inspired about what being a VISTA leader can do for you.
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    Explore this research study that looks at the outcomes and impacts of national service on individuals who served in AmeriCorps State and National and NCCC.
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    Recognize the importance on non-verbal communication and monitoring the "temperature" of the room in effective meetings and successful ongoing collaborations with these tips and techniques.
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