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    Use this flyer to understand NCE and share it with other VISTA members. Use the reverse side to share with federal employers.

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    Learn about the fingerprinting requirement for VISTA members so you can support them in the submission process.
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    As an AmeriCorps VISTA Member or Leader, you receive a living allowance. The Corporation determines the living allowance rate, which varies according to the local cost of living in the area where you serve.  This document provides details on the living allowance rate depending on the State and County where you serve.

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    Review this study on the sustainability of VISTA's anti-poverty efforts, the characteristics of successful VISTA members, the reasons why some project efforts are not sustainable, and factors that predict VISTA project success.
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    Use this template and sample to create a short message to hook potential supporters.
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    Consider making the jump from VISTA to Peace Corps with the information presented in these slides.
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    Gain an introduction to the concept of strategic planning, understand what is is and isn't, and find resources for additional learning.
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    Get an overview of the training and development opportunities available to VISTAs during the service year, including online and in-person learning.
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    Explore this research study that looks at the outcomes and impacts of national service on individuals who served in AmeriCorps State and National and NCCC.
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    Use this boilerplate language on social media sites to make sure visitors know that comments added to your site are not representative of AmeriCorps VISTA or CNCS.
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