• Member Handbook
    Use this as a reference resource on a wide array of topics related to your VISTA experience.
  • Document
    Learn about the fingerprinting requirement for VISTA members so you can support them in the submission process.
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  • Webinar
    Having a successful VISTA service year is all about creating a shared understanding between you and your supervisor about roles, expectations, and outcomes. This webinar provides practical tips and advice for managing and communicating up with your supervisor.
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  • Webinar
    Esta sesión para nuevos miembros VISTA le ayudará a desarrollar un plan para aprender lo necesario a fin de tener éxito en su servicio como miembro del programa. Conozca dónde hallar oportunidades de aprendizaje en el VISTA Campus y fuera de éste.
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  • Webinar
    Learn proven techniques from an accomplished time management speaker while gaining practical strategies and tools to better manage your time.
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  • Webinar
    Your service term may be short but your impact can last for years after you leave. Explore effective practices and ways you can partner with your supervisor to maximize your project's ability to serve the community and fulfill its mission.
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