Travel, location and accommodation information

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) will cover your travel to and from the Supervisor Orientation, as well as some expenses related to your travel. picture - VISTAs eating together

A few things to remember when you travel to your SO:

  • If you require special accommodations, please contact your CNCS State office;
  • Room reservations will be made for you; sleeping rooms are reserved on a single occupancy basis;
  • You are responsible for personal expenses and/or incidental costs--items such as long distance calls, internet access charges, room service, in-room movies, etc. are your responsibility;
  • Should you miss the transportation provided, transportation costs from the airport to the hotel will be reimbursed. Save your receipts to submit at the event.
  • All meals will be provided by CNCS at the hotel.
  • Be prepared for air-conditioned training rooms;
  • You must have prior approval from the CNCS State Office to drive to the SO.