Types of Sponsors & Supervisors

Intermediary Sponsor

An Intermediary sponsor is often called “project supervisor.” They completed the application to host VISTAs and their agency is the lead agency. They have the primary responsibility for management of the project, including reporting requirements, but the day-to-day responsibility of supervising the VISTAs rests with sub-site supervisors. Intermediary sponsors inform sub-site supervisors of their responsibilities to both their organization and the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS).

Single-Site Supervisor

A single-site supervisor is responsible for project management (including reporting) and day-to-day management of VISTAs. Single-sites have the same responsibilities as intermediaries except they don’t have sub-site responsibilities.

Sub-Site Supervisor

A sub-site supervisor is responsible for day-to-day supervision and coaching of their VISTAs. Sub-site supervisors must notify the intermediary project supervisor immediately of any change in a VISTA's service status, including a VISTA leaving service early, change of site address, etc. The sub- site supervisor also must immediately report any issues that develop regarding the VISTA's performance or conduct.

As the intermediary sponsor designated by your organization, you are responsible for managing VISTA resources and providing the support necessary to achieve project goals. You have both project management and member management and support responsibilities. Specifics will be provided for each area.

This diagram illustrates the different types of sponsoring organizations and supervisors.

cncs organizational chart

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Supervisor Orientation

The VISTA program provides Supervisor Orientation for all those who directly supervise VISTA members, including supervisors at single-site projects, sub-site supervisors, and those responsible for oversight of an intermediary or multi-site VISTA project. Supervisors are required to attend a pre-event webinar and a three day in-person Supervisor Orientation, ideally three months before their VISTAs attend Pre-Service Orientation (PSO). When a VISTA supervisor is replaced, the new supervisor must also attend Supervisor Orientation. You will receive information about enrolling in orientation from your CNCS State Office.

The orientation aims to provide essential information for successfully recruiting, supporting and managing your VISTA project and member(s).

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