Thumbnail for [node:title][user:name]Welcome to Volunteer Management, presented to you by the Corporation for National and Community Service in conjunction with Hands On Network! Hands On Network, an internationally recognized volunteer management resource organization, has developed a new generation of volunteer engagement techniques — tailored to today’s community service organization.

Volunteers can be your organization’s greatest asset as they significantly increase your capacity to serve the community. In this session, you will explore ways to provide meaningful service opportunities for volunteers; recruit volunteers with diverse skills and interests; and celebrate volunteers’ service. Learn to understand your volunteers so that you can support them in service roles where they will be successful and bring about real change in the community.

You may want to also take theUsing Volunteers for Project Planning andOn-site Project Management courses for more ideas on preparing for and working with volunteers. Also check out Utilizing Volunteers as Project Leaders to learn how to leverage volunteer leadership skills to increase your organization's capacity.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy this course! For questions and/or to receive additional information or training, please contact Hands On Network at training@HandsOnNetwork.org.