What to do before the Orientation?

Review the VISTA Terms and Conditions Course, Benefits Page and Major Tasks At-A-Glance Resource

Before attending the Supervisor Orientation, please do the following:

  • View the VISTA Terms and Conditions course. This course introduces the conditions of VISTA service, and is required for VISTAs prior to attending their pre-service orientation.
  • Review the VISTA Benefits Hub, which covers the different benefits that your VISTAs are eligible for.  
  • Note any questions you have about the Terms, Conditions, and Benefits of VISTA service and bring them with you to the Supervisor Orientation (SO). 
  • Download and review the “VISTA Supervisor Tasks” to begin outlining your tasks and roles for managing the VISTA project and supervising members. Bring a copy of your customized list to Supervisor Orientation along with questions you may have about the tasks.